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  1. Passengers suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, acrophobia or other medical conditions should not ride the gondola.
  2. Please queue as instructed by station staff. Do not loiter on the platform after disembarking.
  3. Each regular cabin can accommodate 8 passengers not exceeding a total of 640 kg. The crystal "Eyes of Maokong Gondola" cabins can accommodate 5 passengers not exceeding a total of 400 kg. Please distribute yourselves evenly within the cabin.
  4. You must alight when the Gondola reaches a terminal station (Taipei Zoo or Maokong Station). If you wish to continue riding the Gondola, you must purchase a new ticket.
  5. Give priority to elderly, encumbered and disabled passengers.
  6. Do not interfere with the natural swaying of the gondola cabin when embarking or disembarking.
  7. Please do not stand, swing or jump in the gondola cabin.
  8. Senior citizens, young children and other passengers requiring accompaniment should only ride the Gondola when accompanied by at least one person.
  9. Passengers with prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs or electrical wheelchairs must make sure that these vehicles are securely locked immobile when in the cabins to avoid accidents caused by swaying. The size of the vehicles may not exceed 140cm*70cm*170cm.
  10. Passengers with prams, wheelchairs or electrical wheelchairs must follow staff instructions when exiting the cabins.
  11. In the event of a thunder storm, Gondola service will be suspended. Please follow staff instructions to exit the system.
  12. The gondola may slow down or stop to facilitate boarding for disabled/wheelchair passengers.
  13. Smoking, drinking (water excluded), chewing gum or betel nut is not permitted at any time. Do not throw anything out of the windows.
  14. Please do not lean against or obstruct the doors.
  15. Infringement of the law, public order or proper social conduct will be handled according to relevant laws and regulations.
  16. For more information, please refer to the bulletin board at Gondola stations.