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Maokong Gondola Fares
Maokong Gondola Fare Map

Maokong Gondola Fare Map

Single-Journey Ticket
Maokong Gondola Logo     Maokong Station
  Zhinan Temple Station 70
  Taipei Zoo South Station 70 100
Taipei Zoo Station 70 100 120
• EASYCARD holders receive a NT$20 discount on weekdays (no discount on holidays and deferred holidays).
• EASYCARD holders who use their card to enter the Taipei Zoo receive a NT$20 discount on one subsequent trip on the Maokong Gondola.
Discount Ticket Types
Discount Ticket Types
Type of Tickets
Discount Ticket for Taipei City Citizens and Retired Taipei City Government Employees
  1. EASYCARDs: Citizens and retired Taipei City Government employees receive a discount upon presentation of a valid ID and by entering through dedicated gates using EASYCARDs. No discount is given if entering through normal gates.
  2. Onsite tickets:Discount for Taipei Citizens and retired Taipei City Government employees are also available at ticket counters on presentation of valid ID and enter through the dedicated gates.
Discount Ticket for Children,
Seniors, and Disabled
  1. EASYCARDs: Discounts are given to Elementary School Digital Student Identity EASYCARDs, Senior/Charity EASYCARDs, or Companion EASYCARDs (when used immediately after the Charity EASYCARD).
  2. Onsite tickets: Children 6-12 years of age, senior citizens aged 65 and above (nationals) or foreign senior citizens who qualify for the Mackay Project, indigenous people (with household registrations in Taipei City and ages 55 and above), disabled passengers with valid disability ID and their companions, are eligible for discount tickets at the ticket counter. Passengers using these tickets should present valid ID and enter through the dedicated gates.
Discount Ticket for Local Residents
NT$60/day Available at the ticket counter to citizens with valid ID proving household registration in Zhi-nan, Lao-quan, Zheng-da or Wan-xing villages of Wenshan distinct, Taipei city. Passengers using these tickets should present valid ID and enter through the dedicated gates.
Group Ticket
10% discount for groups of 10 or more passengers
20% discount for groups of 40 or more passengers
  1. Passengers using group tickets must travel together.
  2. The discount is based on the fare of an adult ticket.
Maokong Gondola
Super Value
Round-Trip Ticket
(NT$20 deposit included)
  1. This ticket is valid for one round-trip and an additional free ride from first use until the end of service on a single day.
  2. Each card for 1 person only.
  3. Availability and Refund: For Sale/Refund at Gondola stations.
  4. No refunds can be given once used.
  5. Additional free ride is not redeemable for cash. If the ticket is not fully used, the free ride is forfeit.
  6. Super value round-trip tickets that have only been used once are returnable for a NT$130 refund (Ticket price NT$240 - highest single journey ticket price NT$120 - NT$10 handling fee + NT$20 deposit)
Taipei Fun Pass 【1-day Transportation Pass (Maokong Gondola Version)】
(Does not include deposit. Ticket is
retained by the passenger after use.)
  1. Valid only on the day of first use.
  2. Unlimited MRT/Bus/Gondola rides.
  3. A NT$20 processing fee will be charged for a refund on an unused ticket.

Children under the age of 6 (vaild ID required if the child is taller than 115cm) or under 115cm may travel free on the Taipei Metro if they are accompanied by a ticket-bearing passenger.
Each ticket-bearing passenger may accompany no more than four children and is responsible for their safety and behavior.
You may only use one discount at a time. Discounts are not cumulative. However, if you enter the Taipei Zoo with your EASYCARD, you will receive an extra NT$20 discount on one subsequent journey on the Maokong Gondola trip.