Maokong Gondola

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Considerate Service





Number of lockers

Taipei Zoo Station





34*90*42 cm


  1. The service hours are the same as the station operation hours.
  2. The lockers are coin-operated and generate a single-use electronic PIN. Usage under one hour is considered as one hour.
  3. No perishables, flammables and dangerous substances allowed in the lockers.
  4. Maximum rental period is 1 day (24 hours). After 24 hours, the PIN will become void and the items will be removed by the locker company to another location and stored for a maximum period of 30 days, for which storage will be charged at the rate of the locker fees. Items not retrieved within 30 days will be disposed of. For more information call the locker company on +886-2-2725-3996.


Considerate Service

The gondola system’s toilets are open for public use: In case someone has the need to use the toilet in a pay area of a station, or a passenger has the need to use the toilet in a non-pay area of a station, they can contact station service personnel for help, and enter or exit the station to use the toilet free of charge.

The gondola system's toilets are open for public use.

Restroom for parents with infants.

The breastfeeding rooms are open for public use: We have established 2 breastfeeding rooms in the Service Center of the Taipei Zoo Station and the Maokong Station. Anyone who has the need may contact service personnel to open it; at other stations, passengers may contact station service personnel and follow them to an appropriate location.

The breastfeeding room is open for public use.

Interior furnishing of breastfeeding room.

Elevators are available at each gondola station.

Elevators are available at each gondola station.

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