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TRTC Kicks off Metro Culture Festival

Mayor Hau Lung-bin kicked off the first Taipei Metro Culture Festival at Maokong Gondola Taipei Zoo Station on March 28. He noted that the mass rapid transit system has become a kind of "landmark" for Taipei City due to its convenient services, cleanness, kind volunteers, and a queuing culture.

Hau took the opportunity to express his gratitude to all the residents of Taipei for their role in helping to maintain a tidy environment along the MRT network, abiding by the rules of not eating, drinking, or chewing gum when inside the station or on trains. Passengers also demonstrate metro etiquette and respect for others through practices such as lining up, standing on the right side on the escalator, and yielding seats to the needed.

To promote the unique metro culture, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) has selected March 28--the day when the first MRT line was launched--as a day to be observed annually to remind the public of being considerate to others.

Highlights of the first Taipei Metro Culture Festival include:

1. Metro Elevator Design Contest
Submission Period: March 28 - April 28
Theme: Care for Others — giving priority to the elderly, disabled individuals, wheelchair users, and people with strollers.
Qualification: Participants need to possess R.O.C. nationality and can only sign up for one category with three submissions at most.
Category: Student (contestant's birthday is between Sep. 1, 1983 and Aug. 31, 1997) / Adult (contestant's birthday is on or after April 28, 1993)

2. Searching for Metro Riders
(1) I'm a Metro Rider
Period: March 29 – April 4
Details: Take a picture of yourself with signs or ads related to the event either on the MRT trains or inside MRT stations. Post it with your Facebook account to the activity website for a chance at winning free MRT ride tickets.

(2) Birthday Metro Rider
Period: March 28 – April 20
Details: Individuals born on the day of MRT Muzha Line's launch (March 28, 1996) are eligible to participate in this activity. They need to dial the TRTC customer hotline (02-218-12345) and say the Chinese password "我是捷客,關懷禮讓,便捷幸福" to receive a free MRT ride ticket and a one-day pass for both MRT and Maokong Gondola.

For more information on the Metro Culture Festival, please refer to the TRTC Chinese website (http://www.trtc.com.tw) or call the customer hotline at 886-2-218-12345.