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Seasonal Activities

Seasonal Activities

* Apricot Blossom Season, Jan~Feb * Lupin Season, Mar-Apr
* Tung Tree Blossom Season, Apr~May * Bamboo Shoot Season, May~Jun
* Spring Tea, May~Jun    

Apricot Blossom Season, Jan~Feb

During the apricot blossom season, which begins in January and ends February, red, white, and pink apricot blossoms burst into bloom.

The apricot area in Muzha covers about two hectares in the vicinity of No. 27-3, Lane 45, Laoquan Street. This was originally a private tea plantation, and the apricot trees were mostly planted by Chang Dingting. Each year, about 2,000 apricot trees display a show of brilliant red, white, and pink flowers that lasts until mid-March.
Entrance to the area is free and visitors can also order tea or purchase various agricultural products.
The tree groves were developed by Mr. Chang after he retired from his job as a tea farmer. This is one of the most beautiful and striking features in this tea-dominated area.

Lupin Season, Mar-Apr

Lupin blossoms line the Camphor Trail, like a sea of yellow flowers.

Lupins are a popular green manure crop among tea farmers in Maokong, some of which sow the seeds after the winter harvest, which blossom roughly three months later, forming a beautiful interplay of colours between the yellow flowers and the green plantations, also filling the camphor trail with a light floral fragrance.


Tung Tree Blossom Season, Apr~May

Tung Tree Blossom Season, April and May: When Blossoms resemble Snow Blanketing the Trees

When the flowers on the Tung Tree blossom, they cover the entire area like a blanket of snow, thus earning the nickname ‘May snow’.


Bamboo Shoot Season, May~Jun

Bamboo Shoot Season, May – June: Bamboo shoots add texture and balance the flavor in many dishes. This is the best time and place to enjoy these culinary delights.

The mountainous areas of Laoquan, Wanxing and Bojia near the Maokong’s scenic mountains and waterways are filled with the scent of bamboo – the area regularly produces some 6.67 million kilograms of bamboo shoots.
The Muzha District Farmers' Association holds a Bamboo Shoot Feast each year when all are invited to try the luscious experience of a meal loaded with bamboo shoots.
A typical bamboo shoots feast includes: Noodles with tea oil, shrimp with bamboo shoots, glutinous rice with bamboo shoots, pork chops with bamboo shoots, bamboo shoot salad, bamboo shoots with mushrooms, bamboo shoots with fried garlic, and chicken soup with bamboo shoots.


Spring Tea, May~Jun

Spring Tea, May – June: Come to the Mountains and Pick your Favorite Tea.

The leaves of the Tieguanyin tea plant are thick and rich, and when you infuse them with water, they burst with flavor. Swallow the liquid slowly and the taste lingers long in the mouth, a trait that locals call the “Guanyin Effect”.
Tieguanyin is an aristocrat of tea and each year the Muzha District Farmers' Association holds a contest to choose the best of the year’s crop of leaves. Come up into the mountains and enjoy the fun and the flavor of fresh tea at Maokong!

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