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Children's Day Treat: Free Gondola Rides

Children's Day Treat: Free Gondola Rides

In conjunction with the series of 2013 Taipei Children's Month activities, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) will offer free Maokong Gondola rides for kids from across Taiwan on April 4!

The TRTC's Children's Day Special comprises two parts:

1. All Elementary School Students: On April 4, elementary students nationwide can enjoy unlimited rides on the Maokong Gondola by using a special ticket issued by TRTC. They will need to produce a valid ID (student ID or National Insurance Card) to acquire the ticket. Elementary school students from Taipei City can use their digital student ID at the gates to save time.

2. Students from Taipei City's Elementary Schools: Students from the city's elementary schools can use the Maokong Gondola coupon (included in the 2013 Children's Month Passport) anytime between April 2 and 30. They can submit the coupon at the gondola station for a free Maolong Gondola ticket (each student is limited to exchanging one coupon); the ticket will be valid for an entire day.

As an influx of visitors is expected on Children's Day, TRTC reminds students to take advantage of the advanced seat booking system available at Maokong Gondola's Chinese booking website ( to reduce queuing time.

TRTC reminds visitors that the gondola is closed for regular maintenance on Monday.

For more information on the Children's Day deals, please call TRTC 24-hour hotline (02-218-12345) or 1999 Citizen Hotline.

Released by Taipei City Government

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